Ideas, that little spark that comes before everything. It all starts with an idea, or a dream perhaps. You see, I have always dreamed of making things that I love, and doing that for a living. This is the beginnings of that. So, what do I love? What exactly doing I want to be doing? That is the question.
I am one of those people that likes to dabble in a lot of things, I love to read, and write, I guess the writing is where this blog comes in. I want to create my own little corner of the internet to talk about things that I really love, that I enjoy, or perhaps dislike. To speak out on injustices and spread a little love. Think of these entries as a more personal conversation, perhaps even a diary at times. Alongside this I love to create, now - I realise that this is quite a broad, generic phrase, but that is because put simply - it is broad. I quite enjoy experimenting, and trying new things and mediums. I am always trying to learn and develop as an artist and a designer. 
Now, you may be wondering, who are you though?
In short, I am a 22 year old recent graduate of graphic design. I am a graphic designer and Illustrator based in Manchester.
In more detail, my name is Shelby Smyth. a multi-disciplinary designer from Manchester, England. I love to create fun, interesting visuals within everything that I do, my usual style is a blend of graphic design and illustration. You can always find me in and around Manchester, doodling and working away. I am a self confessed true crime junkie, lover of books and stationary hoarder. I love to travel,  see the world and learn about other cultures. 
ps. Im also currently learning mandarin! 

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