This was my university final major project. 
With my final major project I wanted to challenge myself and tackle a large issue, that being voting within the youth demographic. The insight that I had both through being a part of this demographic and within my research was that the youth demographic are disengaged with politics and do not feel important. They are under represented, they are not spoken to by politicians and do not feel that they are deemed important. 
The way in which I tackled this was by speaking to this demographic directly, utilising memes and elements of pop culture I found a way in which the communicate with them, informing and persuading them to vote. This vehicle that I used for this was humour. The main element of my project is a fully illustrated book entitles '50 Reasons Not To Vote' this is a satirical, farsical and sarcastic way at looking at why people cannot vote. Each presented scenario is highly unrealistic, therefore highlighting to the reader the errors within their reasoning for not voting. So as not to be biased in any way, the elements of my final major project are monochrome, sitting plainly in black and white, this is so as not to show any political bias. 
As well as the book I created pre-addressed postcards to members of parliament, allowing the target audience to address any concerns that they may have directly, as well as branding for the campaign, social media posts and promotional materials such as posters. 
In order to bring the book to life, I also animated some of the Illustrations, these can be seen within the project overview at the bottom.
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